Remote Recording

At Sterling Media, we know a thing or two (or three) about remote recording. Our nationwide network allows us to shoot anywhere in the U.S., creating stunning video for a diverse range of businesses. From client testimonials and employee recruiting videos, to executive company overviews, we pride ourselves on catering to the needs of our video partners big and small. It all starts with a simple conversation.

Docustyle process

Project Brief

Remote recordings are typically a 6-8 week process that begin with a project brief. A project brief allows us to understand the scope and objective of your video.


From that brief, we’ll develop a questionnaire that supports your objectives. This ensures that each remote interview garners the information necessary to tell a cohesive story.

Tech Check

Our producers will provide you with pro tips on how to conduct the recording on your end, including wardrobe, lighting, and technology considerations.


The day of filming, our video producers will walk you through the technology, project brief, or questionnaire. They’ll give you guidance on your overall presentation and give you tips on how to best articulate your thoughts.


Transcription is the process of turning spoken word into written word. From this document, producers are able to assemble a rough outline of your video, ensuring the most important information is included.


Using the recorded footage and transcription - our post production video editors will get to work assembling your video. Once the footage has been approved, we’ll add light graphics on top and deliver your professional remote recording!

Final Delivery!

Still have questions? Reach out to one of our pros today!