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Common Questions

How Much Do Your Videos Cost?

We produce a variety of live and animated videos for companies of all sizes, so this answer depends on factors like video style, volume of videos, length of video, and the production method. For example, most of our animated videos range from $5,500-$25,000+ and live-action videos start at $12,000. Our remotely filmed video productions start at $5,000.

Which Services Do You Offer?

Our team has been producing live and animated video for businesses for over six years. We provide all video related services including animation, filming, drone videography, video editing, translation, voiceover/sound design, remote recording, photography and case study development. We can produce video for any purpose including marketing, recruitment, training and development, and corporate events. Take a look at our services page for a lot more information.

What Type of Video Styles Do You Specialize In?

We specialize in a variety of video styles including motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, isometric animation, live-action scripted, live-action, remote recording, and case studies.

Do You Have a Partner Program?

We sure do. We’ve developed many successful partnerships over the past 6 years. We’re excited to chat any time about opportunities to partner so please email us at info@sterlingabbot.com and we’ll connect you with the right team member.

Where Are You Located?

We are a remote first company and have been for over 6 years. Our team members are located in Atlanta, DC, New York City, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis and beyond. We also have an extensive vetted network of global talent that allows us to shoot nearly anywhere in the US and internationally.

How Can Video Help My Company?

Market demand for video has continued to increase for online marketing, recruitment, educational purposes, training, events, and more. With video, you can share your brand’s story, engage consumers, and ultimately convert customers and drive revenue. Here’s a blog post that breaks down the power of video and video and marketing trends.

I Have an In-House Team. How Can You Work With Them?

We work directly with, and support, in-house video teams by offsetting creative, capture, animation and editing work. We are able to leverage our global network for live video shoots that may be expensive or demanding on busy in-house team members. We are happy to take on end to end overflow work and become an extension of your team or only take on a part of a project like filming or editing or adding animation to a live video project. This blog article about working with an in-house team page is a good place to research when trying to determine how we can work together.

How Long Should a Video Take To Complete?

This depends a lot on the type of video, the complexity, the length, and the speed of client feedback. Animated videos typically take 5-12 weeks and live videos 6-12 weeks.

Are You Hiring?

We’re always looking for talented folks! The best place to review current openings is HERE on our site or on LinkedIn. If you’d like to submit your resume for consideration, please send it to us at info@sterlingabbot.com and we’ll get it to the hiring manager.

Have you done work in my industry?

We’ve worked with well over 90 companies since our founding. We have extensive experience in several industries including technology, business services, financial services, healthcare/pharma, consumer and many more. A great place to review our industry work is within our sortable portfolio found here.

How can I evaluate Sterling Abbot with other video production companies?

We’ve produced more videos, for more clients, than the vast majority of video production companies out there since our founding. We attribute this to our dedication on overdelivering on every project and striving to create deep, long-term relationships with our clients. We are happy to connect you to references in your specific industry that will speak to their experience working with our team. Alternatively, we offer a blueprint option where we will take your project through scripting to reduce the risk involved working with a new vendor. We practice what we preach and if you decide we’re not a great fit after we have produced the script we end the project and no fees are incurred.

I'm interested in getting a video produced what are next steps?

That’s easy. Contact us and we will respond and get a call set-up within 24hrs. We will scope out some details of your project such as video length, style, and timeline and then send over a proposal for your review and signature. From there, we can typically kick-off within a day or two.

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